ice cream earrings. USD9.90 a pair. while stocks last.

Cupcakes. USD9.90 a pair. while stocks last.

Fuchia and Purple tsumami kanzashi

made into a hairband since i have short hair. can be adapted into double pronged hair pins for updos.

more elaborate hair pieces

my sakuras made into a hair pin. modelled by my colleague. has a silver butterfly attached. also 30.00SGD

yellow rape blossoms clip. rape blossoms are traditionally worn during march. but i think it makes for a very lovely garden party ponytail decoration. please look here for the making process


ornate hair pieces

lilacs, blues and pinks.

since i have short hair right now i can only wear hair bands. which is why i made these two.

hydrangeas kanzashi. 25.00SGD

sakura kanzashi hairband. 30.00SGD

this updo is accesorized with separate flowers. each flower is mounted on a black bobby pins. the chirimen is 7.50 SGD. the satin and organza are 5.50 SGD each. i can also combine them into a large set mounted on double prongs.

these are also separate flowers mounted on simple black bobby pins. each flower is 6.50SGD. i can also make 4 petaled ones with a cream center like the above for 5.50SGD each.

hair pin on double prongs. 15.00SGD

an assortment of hair ties and pins.

i'm trying to list all the avaible colors i have for the kanzashi flowers. right now i have 3 colors for the chirimen material (pink, yellow n black)
5 for the satin material (pink, peachy pink, sky blue, purple lilac, butter yellow, cream). i can also do fuchia, red, white, gold, silver

hair ties are 8.50$. 7.50$ for satin ones

kanzashi hair accesories

i managed to make a bunch of pretty hair things. a couple of hair clips and ties plus some pins for updos.

these are made from japanese chirimen (but don't think it's silk) that kimonos are made of, and one simple satin pink ones.

the chirimen hair ties and clips are going for 8.50SGD. satin ones are 7.50SGD.

i will try and make samples of the current available colors. do check back for updates.

new ideas

so anyways, the bazaar has been an interesting experience and i did make some nice friends. now my head is awash with lotsa new ideas.

i'm thinking of a 'zng' your hairband range. like hair accesories that you can stick onto already existing but boring hairbands. maybe with a bit of glue or using velcro. but one side of the velcro must already be stuck on. and also toddler hair bands with interchangeable decors. ahh... the possibilities i can have with this. ah ha ha ha.

my first kanzashi

made a few of these for the bazaar tomorrow. i've attached them to hair rubbers to prettify your pony tail. they can also be detach and attached to hair pins instead.

everything will be going for 6.50$ except the hairband. it's a prototype and not very comfortable. but i really like the flowers.